Our Team

With a diverse team already in place, we're excited to continue growing in the future.
Sonia Grimm
CEO / Co-founder
Sonia Grimm joins Algaltek with expertise in life coaching, negotiation, and entrepreneurship. As the founder of a leading music production and event management company, she is renowned in Switzerland's artistic community. Sonia's passion for environmental advocacy aligns seamlessly with Algaltek's mission, where she promotes the eco-friendly benefits of algae. 
Eya Damergi
CTO / Co-founder
Dr. Eya Damergi, the founder of Algaltek, holds a master's in analytical chemistry and a Ph.D. in environmental engineering from EPFL. Her groundbreaking doctoral research focused on optimizing algae cultivation, leading to the development of a hybrid system that produces both algae biomass and electricity. Dr. Damergi's dedication to innovation in the algae sector is evident in this pioneering achievement. 
Steve Alban Tineo
Managing partner / Co-founder
Steve Alban Tineo, CEO of Assertive Group, is a world-renowned leader, Steve Alban Tineo, CEO of Assertive Group, is a globally recognized leader, negotiator, and speaker with over two decades of experience. With a background in investment banking and successful roles at Credit Suisse First Boston and HSBC, Steve specializes in structuring complex financial transactions and driving business development. He's known for his ethical negotiation approach, aiming for "Win Win Win" outcomes. Steve's dedication to algae-based solutions aligns perfectly with Algaltek's vision for sustainability, making his support invaluable.
Thomas Nicodeme
IT / Technical support / Project coordinator
Thomas Nicodeme is a 3D design specialist at AlgalTek, merging technical prowess with visual creativity to drive innovation. His expertise in 3D modeling and rendering shapes the company's visual identity, conveying complex ideas with precision and clarity. Thomas's skills provide AlgalTek with a full range of top-tier 3D design services.
Christian Ludwig
Scientific expert / Co-founder
Prof. Christian Ludwig, a renowned researcher in chemistry and environmental science, has over two decades of experience leading research at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). He also holds an adjunct professorship at EPFL, focusing on solid waste treatment. Prof. Ludwig's research centers on ecological technologies for energy and waste management, including algae-based biofuels. His leadership in the Swiss Algae Association promotes algae-related activities nationwide