Hybrid TLOP system for dual biomass and electricity production

A hybrid culturing system :

Outstanding productivity:
Our innovative modular design thin layer culturing system, optime light penetration for superior photosynthetic efficiency. Unlike traditional methods, our system achieves maximum growth rates and productivity, setting a new standard in algae cultivation technology.
Modular Algae Cultivation
Experience the convenience of our Thin Layer Open Pond (TLOP) - fully modular and customizable to fit your needs. With easy assembly and disassembly, it ensures seamless operation and adaptability for any algae species.
Algae Growth with Built-in Electricity Generation and UV Filtering
offering advanced UV filter technology with electricity generation or potential options. These solutions not only shield algae from stress but also create ideal growth conditions, minimize water evaporation and reduce contamination risks.
Sun-Powered Efficiency
With its ultra-thin design, TLOP maximizes the utilization of natural sunlight, sparing businesses the expense and environmental impact of artificial lighting. By requiring only a fraction of sunlight, TLOP achieves unparalleled energy efficiency, significantly lowering operational costs

Pre-order your hybrid TLOP system

Upon request and quotation, Algaltek provides TLOP in different sizes ranging from lab scale to industrial scale.